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Engagement ring - Jewelry Services in Sarasota, FL
After your house and car, the ring may be your third most important purchase. Notice that I said important not expensive. It doesn't have to be that expensive. You do want it to be the best quality and size that you can afford. Today's couples don't use the old purchasing formula based on the mans 3 months salary, but most do consider their future income and life style. Although some couples choose to upgrade to better rings as years go on, I find that most women prefer to stick with her original ring for sentimental reasons. So, lets get it right the first time.
The cost of a diamond depends upon the qualities of size, shape, color, clarity and cut of the stone. A small change in these qualities can make a huge price change.
The final difference in purchasing a diamond depends upon the sales environment. Would you prefer to pay top dollar at a famous retail store or would you prefer to buy the SAME quality stone from me in a simple business office setting? The money that I can save you may allow you to increase the quality of the stone or simply allow you to use the money on something else.
I suggest that couples use the retail stores to shop for the diamond style, size and shape that they prefer. When you have an idea of what you like, phone me and discuss the quality and price of the diamond before you buy. My favorite part of my business is showing young couples how to save money on their third most important purchase.
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